"Never look down on someone
                                unless you're helping them up."
Jesse Jackson




Professional Growth Plan


The Transformational Leadership of School Librarians

          The conventional school library is swiftly fading and school librarians need to guarantee that the school library can transform with the ever-changing educational shift in order to continue its intent in adopting a culture of collaboration, innovation and informational content that strives to empower both teachers and learners. As a school librarian, I strive both to produce and achieve results beyond expectations in my current position and will continue to do so in the future. Within the next two years, my high school will be relocating to another location where there currently is no school library. Along with my vision for creating an innovative school library, my leadership skills will help in assisting with the design of the new school library creating an informational, technological, and active learning environment with the help of my school administrators. I will also assist teachers, students, and administrators as they transition to a new high school. As a professional who is committed and devoted to integrating the use of educational technology within my school district, I will also continue to implement professional development in pedagogical principles and new web tools effective for classroom instruction. These professional goals allow me to continue the practice of advocating excellence, facilitating transformational change, and developing leadership skills in the school library field (Johnston, 2013).


          Transformational leadership provides the most effective support for change, creativity, and innovation. Leading individuals through uncertainty related to educational and technological change has helped me step into my position as a transformational leader by addressing their concerns. Transformational leaders foster an innovative environment by continuously exhibiting their willingness of and acknowledgment to change, as well as inspiring others to accept change around them (Northouse, 2013). By utilizing my strengths as an experienced librarian, acquired educational knowledge from my doctoral program and vision of a new innovative school library, I will become a more informed and proficient school librarian in my school district.


          My strengths are in school library management and administration, along with coaching teachers in educational technology professional development. I will continue to improve my delivery of service by collaborating with teachers in the design of instructional units and lessons and assist students and teachers in the use of technology in the school library. In terms of weaknesses, I would like to gain  more exposure combined with experience and practice in the area of classroom management and incorporate different classroom strategies and methods in this domain. I would like to observe different classroom techniques and practices from other school librarians/teachers. I will learn from these experiences as I develop a deeper awareness and mindset regarding my these techniques and practices in the classroom.  Above all, I will always recognize, appreciate, and encourage both students and teachers, taking the time to thank and show them they are appreciated (Reilly, 2015).

           My professional responsibilities include continuing my growth and development in learning to think out-of-the-box with creativity and innovation.  This plan will help me develop even more skills to effectively adapt to change within the field. I will strive to seek new opportunities to share knowledge through interpersonal and digital communities of practice, while continuously self-assessing my goals and reflecting on my practice of leadership. I will continue my active contribution in the school library and to the educational technology professional community through the use of publications, conferences, and virtual professional development. This type of engagement will allow me to participate in social and intellectual learning networks that adopt best practices in school libraries. These active responsibilities not only provide support but also enable me to prosper in my career, professional growth, and leadership development.


Goals and Accomplishments


Goals Achieved: Doctoral Journey Year One (2016 -2017)


          ● Awarded Library Journal's 2017 Movers & Shakers (Educator)

          ● Awarded North Bergen High School Educational Services Professional of the Year (2016 - 2017)

          ● Awarded American Association of School Librarians (AASL) Social Media Superstar:
             Tech Troubadour Finalist & Winner

          ● Co-founder of Edcamp Urban

          ● North Bergen High School National Honor Society Induction Ceremony - Guest Speaker (May 2017)

          ● Appointed as an EdTPA Performance Assessment Consultant (NJCU College of Education)

          ● Appointed as a NJ Makers Day Board Member

          ● Appointed as a NJ Makers Day Marketing Committee

          ● Program Reviewer for the AASL 2017 National Conference & Exhibition

          ● 2017 SIIA CODiE Awards Judge

          ● Creator and Moderator of the bi-monthly #NJLibChat Twitter Chat

          ● Presented at the Hudson County Professional Development Consortium:

             Use of Google Classroom in North Bergen School District, June 2017

          ● Presented at the Tri-State Project Based Learning Summit, Rutgers (Center for Effective School   

             Project-Based Learning/Digital Literacy and the Role of the Media Specialist, May 2017

          ● Presented at Edcamp Urban (Co-founder and Session Facilitator):

              Twitter 101, March 2017

          ● Participated in the Girls in Technology Symposium

             Hands-On Coding & Decoding, March 2017

          ● Presented at the New Jersey Educational Computing Cooperative (NJECC):

             Integrating Google Classroom into Common Core Websites, January 2017

          ● Presented at the Hudson County Professional Development Consortium:

             Web-Based Tools That Help Assess Student Work & Differentiate Learning, October 2016

          ● Presented at Edcamp Urban (Co-founder and Session Facilitator):

             Google Classroom for Beginners, October 2016

          ● Published article in Knowledge Quest journal:

             Welz, K. (2017). School librarians and open educational resources aid and implement
             common core instructional content in the classroom. Knowledge Quest, 45(4), 62-68.

          ● Published article in School Library Connection:

             (November 2016). Google Docs Tips and Tricks for Teaching Next Gen Students. Retrieved from    

          ● Published article for the Mackin TYSL Blog:

             (September 2016) What Does Common Core and OER Mean to You

          ● Published article for the Unlock Student Potential website:

             (September 2016) School Librarians Unlock Potential of Students and Teachers Alike

          ● Published article for TechNotes Blog:

             (August 2016) Google-Animated Book Display for Your Library

          ● Published article for the Mackin TYSL Blog:

             (June 2016) Animated Book Covers Slideshow


 Goals Achieved: Doctoral Journey Year Two (2017 - 2018)


          ● Assist in the design of a new school library / media center in the North Bergen School District  

          ● Became a member of ISTE and ISTE Librarians Network

          ● Presented a webinar for the American Association for School Librarians on Common Core open    
             educational resources and websites & Google Classroom

          ● Publish an article in Technology, Knowledge and Learning journal on informal learning and edcamps

                     (currently being edited for revisions before approval)

          ● Published an article for Demco’s Ideas & Innovation blog on using informational text on
             international libraries to help students develop a global worldview

          ● Published an article for the New Jersey Librarian’s Association’s (NJLA) newsletter on a school   
             librarian’s personal and professional growth

          ● Assist in redesigning the New Jersey Makers Day website (ongoing)

          ● Facilitated sessions at Edcamp Urban (Fall and Spring events)

          ● Volunteered as an essay reader for the 2017 “A Book That Shaped Me" Library of Congress
             National Book Festival Summer Writing Contest

          ● Presented several workshops on educational web tools for student learning and assessment
             at the Hudson County Professional Development Consortium and Technology Coordinator’s   

          ● Volunteered as a 2018 SIIA CODiE Awards Judge

          ● Continued to host #NJLibChat Twitter Chats (bi-monthly)

          ● Conducted research for dissertation proposal


 Goals to Achieve: Doctoral Journey Year Three (2018 - 2019)


          ● Continue to present at conferences and workshops

          ● Design and conduct a research study

          ● Write a dissertation related to the field of libraries and educational technology

          ● Graduate with an Ed.D. from the NJCU Educational Technology Leadership Doctoral Program

          ● Continue my profession as a school librarian in the North Bergen school district


Beyond the Doctoral Degree:


          ● Learn app development

          ● Develop a mobile time-management game on the theme of community workers

          ● Publish several articles in peer-reviewed journals

          ● Continue to present at conferences and workshops

          ● Continue to present professional development to North Bergen School District

          ● Continue to serve on the Mackin TYSL Advocacy Board

          ● Continue to host #NJLibChat Twitter Chats (bi-monthly)

          ● Become a board member on a professional library association (ALA, AASL, NJASL)

          ● Become a Google Certified Innovator






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